Day 191 – Atonement

DespairCharlotte Cuevas uses her poetry to grapple with an overwhelming emotion many of us have fought with and lost to over the years. The pleading voice of the narrative comes across as sincere and by evoking the Divine she shows us just how responsible we are for repairing our pains and devastations.

The 365 Poetry Project

If God would only promise
to take away my heart
as a plaything from a child
I’d promise to deserve it

I’d make up for it all,
every sin I didn’t commit,
apologize for the things
I had not done

The acts of which I’d repent
beyond invention, even
by those truly evil-
creating it to be absolved from it

Yes, it was me, it was my fault,
lock me up in chains
confiscate this broken heart
never to be used again

Never to feel a thing
penitent scapegoat
a bargain

Never to feel a thing
but I’d accept that fate
which no wise God would allow

For it is only fair
that his sin and hers
be spoken for
by them
if desired
if not
and not
if desired
by me

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