Getting Noticed…

Sonic ScreamThe idea of “getting noticed”

has been on my mind a lot lately as I furtively

await my first royalties cheque

from my small publisher.

This cheque promises to be small

as I am a veritable “no one” in the grand scheme of things.

How does one

“Get Noticed”

without selling out or digging a deeper monetary hole to into which to fall?

My publisher says I’m doing everything I can,

everything that needs to be done…

all I need are more reviews –

to get noticed.

We’re told not to pay people or agencies

to get reviews


for those of us who can’t afford to buy 30+ reviews for $500 or more dollars

to be able to make any degree of impact on the market

the question still remains –

how do we get noticed?

Have you noticed?


Is this a concern for you as a writer?

Do you have a plan or resource you might be willing to share?

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  1. It’s the major problem facing all of us now. I suspect that it won’t be solved for some time to come. There actually may be more writers than readers. Certainly there isn’t the time to read all the books available, nor even the time to look through them and read the blurbs. Just writing that has brought clarity to the situation, for me, at least. It might simply be an impossible task.


    • I hear ya, Diane.
      I keep hoping that’s not the case – that there’s some way of discovering how it’s done without kidnapping a big-publishing marketer and torturing trade secrets out of them. It’s that darn catch 22 again – no one wants to look at you unless you’re someone and newbies with the big names at least get their books out to more reviewers and often pre-release… I won’t give up looking though ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Join a writer’s group for support. The California Writers Club High Desert Branch writes reviews for each other, has critique groups, and holds meetings with both famous and club members. Enter contests, guest blog. It’s all about “building your platform” and building relationships.


    • If you can believe it Mary, I do all of those things already… I belong to 3 writers groups (one regional, one town & one skype critique) and I guest blog whenever I can as well as write articles for an online writers magazine… while all of these things are building my author platform they are not getting me reviews. I think I’ll bring up the review option at my next regional writers meeting – however, that would also mean finding people interested in reading sci-fi and the demographic is actually not in my favour – lol! This is why I feel like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel. Everyone’s too busy to write a review even if they have read the book – go figure.


  3. Hello M.J. Moores! This is Steven Nicolle whom you met at the Orangeville Library. Don’t get down you are doing all the right things. Just have fun doing what you are doing and it will lead to great things. Writing the book and getting it published was the hard part that most never end up doing. The rest is just fun promoting it. You will get noticed. Take care and stay positive!


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