Editing Tip #56

Finding Voice, Pt. 2 ~ First drafts are generally about getting ideas out and letting your muse take you down various garden paths. Even if you’re a planner, like me, and you have a fairly clear idea of what should… Read More ›

Editing Tip #45

  The Believability Factor Revisited – Pt.1: Pre-drafting ~ I’ve touched on this idea several times in various other posts but it’s a valid one worth taking the time to get right. Whether you’re a non-fiction writer (Memoir, creative non-fiction),… Read More ›

Editing Tip #41

Fact Checking Foibles ~ Whether you write non-fiction or fiction in any of their glorious sub-categories or genres you will need to revisit your manuscript to make sure you’ve got your facts straight. For non-fiction and memoir writers this is… Read More ›