“Upon finishing my first fiction novel, Tainted Justice, I stepped into an undiscovered passion for fiction. Before its publication I wrote two books on spirituality and seven for software professionals.

When I met Melissa Moores through a local writing contact, I was impressed by her enthusiasm in launching her website Infinite Pathways – Resources for Emerging Writers. To get our working relationship started, I hired her as a publicist and within months she accomplished so much that I started calling her ‘Super Woman.’ At the same time I was looking for an editor to do a final line edit on a completed manuscript and to polish the ebook formatting. Through her skillful work, Melissa made many important suggestions to enhance reader experience. Her contributions have definitely made the story clearer and tighter. I am so pleased with her thoughtfulness, professionalism, and ability to meet deadlines that I am hiring Melissa to do the content and line edit for my three upcoming novels.

As writers we are always watchful of our writing budget and I find Melissa’s prices to be very reasonable for the quality of her work.  She consistently delivers more than my expectations.

Through several author events organized by the non-profit division of Infinite Pathways, JUZDIZRTS, I became more Tainted Justice Cover Image for V. M. Gopaulfamiliar with Melissa and her character. She is always excited when working on a project in any capacity, but more importantly she has a passion for writing and editing. I highly recommend her.”

V. M. Gopaul, Author of Tainted Justice


*   *   *

“I began writing short stories and historical crime fiction novels a few years ago, but needed help with my editing as I am new to this type of writing. Currently my published works have been non-fiction articles in society newsletters, so I needed help transitioning into the field of fiction. Melissa Moores of Infinite Pathways’ editing services has been an enormous help with correcting various grammar and structural areas that I found myself having a recurring problem with. She has provided guidance with several short stories, an essay, and one of my novels.

Melissa’s education and experience teaching English was a huge factor for me when seeking help since her Body in the Harbourtenure in the profession has given her a unique and solid understanding of various writing styles and an excellent command of the language. She has proven her competence repeatedly. I highly recommend her services and look forward to working with her again.”

 Nanci Pattenden, PLCGS – Author of Body in the Harbour


*   *   *

“As a storyteller of various mediums, my main goal in all my works, short stories, poems, novels or short features, is to connect with an audience and to tell my story well. It is for this particular reason that I went with Melissa Moores’ editing services at Infinite Pathways. I needed someone to help me deliver a very unique poetic story in the most effective manner; Melissa preformed this task remarkably.

I hold characters to the highest degree of importance. Melissa helped me fine-tune the voice of my characters and separate my protagonist from my narrator; whereby, allowing my reader to more effectively connect with my lead character.

Melissa went above and beyond to help me create a smooth rhythm and to thoroughly fine tune the beats of every sentence, in order to match the ideal template I used for inspiration. Further, she advised me on diction and structural choices that help to clarify purpose and intent, allowing the reader to become better engaged with the plot.

Melissa’s editing process, via e-mail, and with the use of “Track Changes” on MS Word, allowed me to send updated drafts of my story with ease.  The use of Track Changes was ideal for comparing Melissa’s suggested changes against my original draft.

Melissa proved herself to be a remarkable editor. She concisely explained why she suggested a change and gave me alternatives to tell the story the way I saw it and with my own voice. When it came to parts of my story that I was unwilling to alter, she worked with me to find the best solution and still preserve the integrity of my work.

Above all, Melissa was always friendly in her remarks and made sure I understood the root of her suggestions. She The Time Time Forgotwelcomed all my questions and concerns so that I felt comfortable with my story in her hands.”

Julia Beney

University of Toronto Undergraduate studies, Cinema Specialist

Author of The Time Time Forgot

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