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doorwaysInfinite Pathways is founded on the notion that all writers deserve the best for their work. As a writer it is important to put your best foot forward the first time.  You want your fans and potential readers to take you seriously and the worst thing you can do is publish a book with plotting errors, weak characters, grammar mistakes, and typos (just to name a few common mistakes). Asking a friend or family member to edit your is great in the early stages but unless they work in the writing/editing/publishing profession there are still key elements that will be missed. It is imperative to build a writing nest egg with a large portion of your savings set aside for professional editing.

Don’t let your work suffer — your first and second book are integral to getting readers to follow you. We offer substantive/content critiques and proofreading services.

Check out the EDITING sub-tab for more information.

NOTE: Please query for services using the contact tab and leave detailed information about the genre, target audience, and total number of pages in your manuscript.

For content critiques I.P. currently specializes in Young Adult, New Adult, Adult Speculative Fiction, and general fiction. I.P. accepts manuscripts outside of its specialties; however, the client must first query with specific details to assure a good editing match.

Coaching/Indie Author Publishing:

Sometimes the best way to publish your manuscript is to do it yourself. Whether you’ve written a book you’re not intending to mass market, compiled a memoir you’d simply like to make available for family, or sincerely want to publish your own writing so that you see more of the profits, I.P. knows how to do it right and get it done on a budget.

Are you looking for someone to teach you how to be self-sufficient so that you can DIY your own books?

Or, are you looking for someone to DIY-it for you, so you don’t have to pay a vanity press thousands of dollars for a top-quality product?

Either way, I.P. can help. We can show you how to present yourself and your work professionally with one-on-one advices and service. You keep all of your copyrights and decide what works for your budget and your goals.

Click HERE to query for pricing and more details.


It is said that ‘in life, you never stop learning’ and this couldn’t be more true for writers at any stage in their writing career. Attending conferences, workshops, and taking courses are what help us grow and make our work that much better. 

Keeping with the theme of helping writers improve, hone, and develop their skills as professionals, we offer both public and scholastic workshops on self & partner editing and characterization.

I.P. offers local workshops with various price ranges. We like to keep the location to the GTA and South Muskoka Regions.  Pricing varies due to the cost of venues in every sub-region. While the actual cost of a given workshop may only be $5/person, the cost of the rental space then needs to be factored in.

Check out the WORKSHOPS sub-tab for more information.

Guest Content:???????????????????????

Infinite Pathways wants to make you, the writer, shine.  In order to be considered a professional, or carry some weight as a querying novice, authors need to develop their platforms (portfolios).  Traditionally, entering a writing contest held by a big-name company in the industry would be the most common way to earn writing credentials if submitting articles to the local paper isn’t your thing.  Those contests receive thousands of entries and of those thousands only a hand full reap the rewards. With the advent of the internet and blogging, self-publishing online is expected of writers. However, this is still you on your own in the world. Providing ‘guest content’ for different websites and blogs has become one of the fastest growing options for writers to make a name for themselves.

I.P. wants to help you build your author platform. We offer free submission for poetry, flash fiction, writerly rants, and notables. There is even an option for newly published authors to publicize themselves with interviews and book reviews. Help grow your platform by taking advantage of publishing with a distinguished blog.

Check out the SUBMISSIONS tab to learn more.

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