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There are several different guest content opportunities with Infinite Pathways to encourage and enable authors to publish works online and add to their growing credentials.  Building your author platform is a daunting but necessary task to show versatility and aptitude with your craft.  Guidelines for submissions can be found in the sub-tabs Creative Content, Book Reviews, & Interviews.

Thank you for considering IP as you carefully carve out a name for yourself in this vast creative market.



Any creative writing or guest content submitted to Infinite Pathways for use on this website will remain the sole property of the author.  The administrator only asks for a minimum of one month priority publication before sharing your work with other mediums.


In the case of submissions to the writing contests, held at various times throughout the year, Infinite Pathways will retain sole printing rights for up to one year from the anthology publication date.


No contributions to this site will be subject to third party distribution without prior approval by the author.


Please send a query to the administrator prior to any official submissions and include a sample of your writing for consideration.  A sample tends to run about 150 words, one paragraph, or a couple of very short poems.


Authors should be 16+ or be able to provide written consent from a parent or guardian if younger.

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