M.J. Moores

The Face Behind the Company

Melissa (M. J.) Moores began her career life as a teacher.   After Florida Gardens Cropobtaining a BFA in Theatre at York University with a BEd and a minor in English, she focused her training on teaching in the high school division. 

Fact: The average reading level of citizens in most 1st world countries is between grade 8 and grade 11.

After living and breathing character, plot, story, dialogue, grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and so much more for 10 years, Melissa has decided to concentrate on her love of the written word.  She has removed herself from the politics of teaching to focus instead on writing and editing.

How the ‘Love Affair’ Began

Melissa’s passion for writing grew from composing adventure stories akin to the Indiana Jones and Goonies movies from the age of 9.  When her classmates struggled to complete three page short stories, she worked on the 12th chapter of her newest middle-grade novel keeping her teachers entertained for weeks at a time.  High school brought writing one act plays for the Sears Drama Festival, and writing as an In-School Reporter for the local newspaper on scholastic events.  During a short stint in Broadcasting Journalism at Humber College she won 2nd place in a short story competition run by the campus.  But after school, out on her own and left to her own devices she struggled to find writing competitions that weren’t inundated by short-story “lifers”.  The publishing credits of past competition winners was often longer than the author bios.  She could not compete against these people but that didn’t mean she couldn’t write an engaging and creative story.  Instead, she returned to her novel writing only to later learn that in order to be taken seriously in the writing industry, she needed those publishing credits.

This is the inspiration behind Infinite Pathways. 

Always Learning

Melissa continued to develop her knowledge of creative writing and the world of publishing during her teaching years.  She helped countless students become better writers and editors with an appreciation for a variety of writing styles and genres.  During her quest to better herself and her understanding of the writing/publishing profession she edited short stories that went on to be awarded publication, acted as author publicist and editor for Indie Author V. M. Gopaul, and edited a children’s picture book self-published by a University of Toronto Film student.  All of this has brought her to the inception of Infinite Pathways.  Fueled by the belief that new authors can share the spotlight with publishing giants, it is her goal to help bridge the gap and bring respect to new and emerging authors.

Staying Involved

In addition to developing Infinite Pathways, Melissa leads a local writers critique group (previously headed up by Indie Author Roy McConnell), attends regional writers meetings and workshops, heads up the non-profit author event JUZDIZRTS, and has earned publication for her Crossover science fiction/fantasy novel Time’s Tempest with GWL while raising her young son with her supportive husband.

She has self-published the nonfiction DIY book Publicizing Yourself: A Beginner’s Guide to Author Marketing, traditionally published How to Publish Your Book: A Practical Guide to the Publishing World with Author Publish Press and is looking to have her Ebook Navigating Goodreads: A Comprehensive Author Guide available soon.

You can also connect with M.J. on her author website, facebook page, twitter and G+.


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