Book Review Guidelines


E-book reader & booksNote: You are able to submit an existing review as long as it adheres to the following prerequisites for structure and content.

General Guidelines & Considerations:

1)      The book review submitted must be authored by you and you must hold all publication rights.  Reviews by an author of their own work will not be accepted.  Third party reviews help maintain a firm level of professionalism.

2)      Your review should be no less than 250 words and no more than 500 words.  The maximum word count is an approximation; should your prose go slightly beyond 500 words it will not be a problem.  You will be notified with suggested edits should the word count be an issue but the site administrator is interested in posting your critique.

3)      All reviews must adhere to the template below.  Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the administrator for this site.

4)      All reviews will be assessed for quality grammar and sentence structure usage – this is a website dedicated to writing after all.  Should your review require minor editing the administrator will contact you and request how you would like to proceed.  Should you agree to work with the administrator on suggested edits you will also be agreeing to publication of the review in question on this website.  Should you decline to work on any suggested edits or if your prose requires considerable editing in order to maintain site literary quality, your submission will be declined publication.

5)      Reviews should be written using a formal yet conversational style with which to engage readers and maintain the professional standards set by the site administrator.

6)      Language usage and vocabulary choice should remain politically correct and free of derogatory terms or remarks.  Constructive criticism is welcome but no at the cost of professional curtsey.

7)      The following content is not reviewed on this site: Extreme Gore, Explicit Sexuality, Excessive Violence, & other similar content.  Be sure to query the site administrator regarding any submissions you wish to make prior to providing the content.  If you are uncertain which side of the ethical line the book you are reviewing falls on, include a sample of the most graphic content the book contains and a determination will be made.

Book Review Template:

Book Title

Author/Illustrator                                      1-5 Star Rating (e.g. * * * Stars)

Categorization/Genre                               Recommendation (e.g. Highly Recommend,

     Recommend, Do Not Recommend)

– 1 Brief paragraph summarizing the book.  No spoilers please.

– 1 or more paragraphs on the positive aspects of the book.

– 1 or more paragraphs on of constructive criticism.

– 1 Brief paragraph summarizing why you would or would not recommend the book.  Try to suggest a possible alternative read if you would not recommend this book.

Your name & credentials (e.g. Jane Doe, Teacher/Editor/Author/Avid Reader/etc.)

Word count is only considered for the main body of the review in bullet points above.

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