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What is IP?

Infinite Pathways is intended as a resource website for new and emerging authors.  So what does that mean?  The editing and publicity advice offered each week is a way to keep up to date and in the know without being overwhelmed with the prospect of having to re-learn grammar you forgot about in public school or having to hire an author publicist to help you market your books.

What Can IP Do For Me?

The website is a platform to help give writers a boost in their publishing credentials.  When composing and sending query letters to traditional publishers, writers are encouraged to list their credentials and published works.  If you are just starting out or have been writing for a while but never really focused before on getting your shorter pieces acknowledged, Infinite Pathways offers a number of Guest Content submission opportunities.  From poetry, to flash fiction, and writerly rants there is bound to be an outlet you could be published online in.

What Makes IP Different?

In addition to Guest Content on the site, Infinite Pathways runs yearly creative writing contests.  While the intent is for new and emerging writers to be able to build up their author platforms, occasionally widely published authors put an idea in the pot just to see what will happen.  The winners and honourable mentions for each contest will be published in an anthology through the Infinite Pathways Imprint, IP Press, to further provide those all important publishing credentials. These anthologies will be sold and mass marketed to the public both electronically and in print.

Publish With Pride

One of the best ways to start your journey on the right foot is by having your manuscript edited by a professional.  Since the goal of Infinite Pathways is to bridge that gap between simple self-publishing and Indie publishing, we have devised a new author introductory rate with a sliding payment scale to help you ease into paying standard professional editing rates.  We understand that as a new author your budget is probably small and you might be concerned about how an editor will respond to your manuscript.  Know this, many editors are also writers and authors.  They do not do a final edit of their own work.  No – we know how important a second set of trained eyes can be when assessing the merits and pitfalls of our work; we outsource and pay a professional just as everyone should.  Self-publishing has developed a poor reputation due to the severe lack of editing many works receive.  These may be excellent stories but they are over looked and the authors are discredited because they ramble, there’s too much back story, their tense keeps shifting, they forgot to wrap up a red-herring, or the text is littered with typos and awkward sentences.  This gets in the way of a reader enjoying the work.  The only way to get around this is to have your work edited.  With Infinite Pathways by the publication of your 4th manuscript you should be considering yourself a professional author and ideally be able to work with a professional editing budget.

Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, Infinite Pathways offers in-person workshops around the GTA in Ontario, Canada.  These workshops are geared two ways: for the general public and for scholastic focus.  The workshops currently being offered explore characterizing and offer the basics to partner and self-editing.  This is intended to help writers look at their work with a critical eye and to hone their manuscripts to a point where hiring a professional editor should be less of a nerve-wracking experience.  The editing workshop helps prepare writers and authors with an understanding of the vocabulary used by professionals and curb the learning-curve in your favour.

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Remembered – Be a Professional

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