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Editing Tip #67

Manuscript Formatting Secrets, Pt. 1 ~ In Editing Tip #40 I cover how it’s best to create a template for your manuscript before you begin writing, so that you won’t have to fidget with margins, heading & body text styles… Read More ›

Editing Tip #64

Wrapping Up Your Endings ~ Other than the first chapter, endings are the next most talked about focus for writing advice. Here are my two-cents worth on the topic. 1) Know Your Market 2) Pace Yourself 3) Leave Some Mystery…. Read More ›

Editing Tip #63

Don’t Underestimate Your Readers ~ I could have been snippy with the sub-title on this tip but I didn’t think it would be taken as the tongue-in-cheek moment it was meant to be… showing an understanding of my general readership…. Read More ›

Editing Tip #62

Where Do I Start? I have been approached by a few NaNoWriMo winners about what to do now that they have this mass of writing (1st draft nearly finished). Many have some of the manuscript handwritten and the rest typed… Read More ›

Editing Tip #61

Keep an Open Mind ~ Before you begin the editing process it’s imperative to first understand what your goals are for this piece of writing. If you’re writing just for you and don’t give a damn about going traditional or… Read More ›

Editing Tip #60

Don’t Over Edit… Pt. 3 ~ The easiest trap to fall into is getting stuck in the mind-set that “it has to be perfect” before you’ll let yourself move on. You might think that this kind of over editing isĀ … Read More ›

Editing Tip #59

Don’t Over Edit… Pt. 2 ~ One of the easiest things to do in anticipation of your first edit is to research. Research what? Writing “Best Practices” from online blogs (like this one) and Writers Magazines who show you how… Read More ›

Editing Tip #58

Don’t Over Edit… Pt. 1 ~ Yes, it can happen. How? A few different ways: Listening to too many people (friends/family/beta readers/editors/early reviewers) Trying too many new ideas (how to book pointers) Editing without focus (going over the same moments… Read More ›