editing tips

Editing Tip #5

Don’t Bully the Bad Guys The more well-rounded you make your antagonist, the more believable he or she will be. We all love to hate the bad guys but don’t forget that even Darth Vader was a cute kid before… Read More ›

Editing Tip #4

Words to Avoid & Why – pt.2 Make sure your ideas are clear and your characters are not ‘wishy-washy’ with their POV (point of view). There are certain words we writers fall into the habit of using to help explain… Read More ›

Editing Tip #3

By editing several drafts on your own, you can save money and heartache with an editor later. The art of Drafting is tedious for some writers and exciting for others. Which are you? The first draft of your manuscript is… Read More ›

Editing Tip #2

Words to Avoid & Why – pt.1 I know, you’re thinking, “Okay, if I’m writing children’s fiction I should avoid swearing.”  Or, “If I want my work to reach a broader audience I should take out big words that only… Read More ›

Editing Tip #1

Don’t edit in isolation – Get help. I know, you’ve poured your heart and soul into this manuscript and it’s perfect just the way you wrote it…. …or is it? Even big name authors still use editors for a variety… Read More ›