Second In Line

John Foster In discussing controversial and complex topics, it is necessary to blur the lines of statistical and empirical knowledge. The world reveals itself in many forms, be they refined and specific, or rough and equivocal. Much phenomena of nature… Read More ›

Do You Haiku?

~ The haiku is one of the first poems taught to second graders for it’s simplicity in form and length. Occasionally one of these seven-year-old’s will unwittingly write something profound… but not often. Here are two famous haiku and just… Read More ›

Editing Tip #51

Tightening the Belt on Your Prose, Pt.2 ~ There are times when you can vividly imagine something happening or you’ve decided to use a more literary technique and venture into metaphor to better describe how something feels or smells… editors… Read More ›

Black Holes

At only 20 years old, Alexander Lound is relatively new on the writing scene.  Studying History at the University of Kent, he finds what time he can in between heaps of reading to escape into another world, to put pen… Read More ›