Writers & Reading

Not all writers are readers. It’s true. But it’s also horrific… Now, that’s not to say that these writers don’t write well or aren’t good storytellers but we all know that if you practice what you preach (read and write)… Read More ›

Writing & the Senses

The use of scent and the 5 senses in writing is essential. By creating moments whereby the reader is able to connect to time, place, mood, character, etc. writers open up a world of possibility and recognition. A book without… Read More ›

Truth or Dare

I look at this quote from many different perspectives: Author      Editor      Reader As an author I cling to the overall image of my work to be able to speak the truth about all aspects of my writing. Yes, I see… Read More ›

Truth & Beauty

I feel there is an essential truth in the works that writers produce, especially those pieces that make it to publication. There is an inherent beauty, both dark and delicate, that our words bring to life. As readers, we don’t… Read More ›