How to Show Deception in Dialogue

Dialogue is one of those things you either just “get” or have to “work” at. But either way, both types of writers still need to challenge the reader and themselves. Just because your words flow well and sound realistic, doesn’t… Read More ›

10 Fundamental Dialogue Tips

It’s interesting just how subjective the craft of writing is. In elementary school we’re taught that adjectives and adverbs are our friends and that using descriptive words like, shouted, wailed, screeched, and cried are great ways to expand our dialogue… Read More ›

Tips for Creating Conflict

Having something as intrinsic as story conflict broken down into easy to follow, realistic, and straightforward guidelines is every writer’s wish. Conflict is usually a grandiose idea that doesn’t always manifest to its fullest potential in a first draft. We… Read More ›