Articles by M.J. Moores

Authors Publish Magazine

Authors Publish

5 Places to Publicize Your Book, Without Social Media
Issue #36

The Benefits of Procrastination
Issue #43

Top 3 Reasons Why Fiction Manuscripts Get Rejected
Issue #46

Profit Margin or Pride? The Stories of 2 Self-Published Authors
Issue #47

Under the Covers – advice about cover art for self-publishers
Issue #49

8 Tips for Navigating Assisted Publishing
Issue #50

6 Literary Award Competitions
Issue #54

10 Common Misconception About the Publishing World
Issue #57

How to Find the Right Traditional Publisher for Your Book
Issue #61

Reviews for Your Book
Issue #66

The Climate Fiction Controversy
Issue #72


Guest Blogs/Creative Book News


Secret Tournament Threatens King
The Looking Glass

The Making of the Ivancic Superheroes
The Wise Serpent

Publicizing Yourself Pt.1
Fiction Blueprints

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