BookBub Insight

Publicity Tip #26 When do you pay for marketing as opposed to riding the coat-tales of free publicity? The free publicity options available to authors sound like the best way to go to spread word about your new book.  However,… Read More ›

Editing Tip #25

Avoiding Info Dump, Pt. 4 ~ The tendency to over-share can be the bane of anyone’s existence but for an Author it could mean the death of a manuscript. One of the most difficult concepts to manage, especially with novice… Read More ›

Chronicles of an Indie Book Publicist

Writerly Rant #21 ~ 5 Things Self-Published Authors Need to Stop Immediately By Charles Franklin, ctfranklin28 on February 6, 2014 I have been assisting with the marketing and promotion of self-published and indie authors since 2012. I’ve been through the… Read More ›

Armchair Amateur

A Personal Poetic Critique I entered the following poem into a local contest held by a regional writers group I joined recently.  There are just shy of 200 members.  The ‘rules’ for entering a poem were that it had to… Read More ›

Tweet This!

Publicity Tip #17 ~ Arm your twitter account not only with connections you like, but with ones you need. Join The Manuscript Wish List: #MSWL This is a site dedicated to bringing authors up-to-date information about which publishers are currently… Read More ›