Editing Tip #49

  First Impressions, Pt.4 ~ Your first chapter has to be your “Wow” chapter. It’s the one that pulls readers, agents, and small publishers into your story. I’ve touched on the first sentence, the first paragraph, and the first page… Read More ›

Editing Tip #47

First Impressions Pt.2 ~ Some writers might say that the first paragraph is not quite as important as the first sentence and not nearly as important as the first page – so why am I focusing on this ‘first’ if… Read More ›

Writing Rituals

When I was younger I would have said immediately that my ritual was to hand write/print draft one while sitting in nature. I don’t have that luxury anymore. While I do still find it cathartic to write a first draft… Read More ›

Editing Tip #10

Don’t be Afraid to Fragment, Part 1 – Tackling your manuscript in its entirety and trying to keep every little thing you’ve ever learned about editing in the front of your mind as you painstakingly reread your work from start… Read More ›