Writing Rituals

shaved head - ritual

When I was younger I would have said immediately that my ritual

was to hand write/print draft one while sitting in nature.

I don’t have that luxury anymore.

While I do still find it cathartic

to write a first draft by hand into a moderately sized

perfect bound notebook, things tend to go faster if I start on the computer.

My reluctance to let go of the hand writing ritual is due

to the fear that my computer will crash and all

my backup files will be corrupted.


However, nowadays when I can steal time to write my only requirements

are that I can plug my computer in if the battery starts to die,

I’m someplace quiet

(bathrooms work just as well as libraries)

and I have my procrastination snacks ready to hand:

a granola bar and/or pre-packaged Rice Krispie Square with a large

bottle of grape G2 Gaterade.

That way I’m able to have limited distractions to deal with,

I’m fed, watered, and forced to write once the snacks are gone.

What are your writing rituals?

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2 replies

  1. My writing rituals have developed over the years as well 😀 I always have to have a cup of tea and quiet, with those things I am always good to go!


  2. Any particular flavour of tea, Mishka?


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