Fiction Friday #23

~ Excerpt from GODMODE By Quan Williams. “Sub-level 6 reached,” the familiar, metallic voice of Robo-Brit rings in my ear, waking me from my memory. “Please identify yourself for access to this floor.” The memory puzzles me. Mulder and Ithaca… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #22

All I Half Left a short by M.J. Moores~ Normally the sweet-earthy scent of dew moist leaves beings me a peace and inner joy that tease forth a cocky smile and wide-spread arms. But not today. The ceaseless rain erases… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #19

Excerpt from: A Probationary Effect – Lost Chapter 2 prequel to The Chronicles of Xannia: Time’s Tempest by M.J. Moores Sunlight flared on the reflective glass of the hidden employee entrance. The door slid to one side as I removed… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #18

Excerpt from: The Gauntlet – Lost Chapter 1 prequel to The Chronicles of Xannia: Time’s Tempest by M.J. Moores My hands slipped on the rope. I grunted and dropped a yard. My feet caught a random knot. Tightening sweat-soaked hands,… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #17

Excerpt From Othella Chapter 1 ~ Quentin ( 5 Years Ago ) I call it the “last supper.” I’m morbid that way. But it’s an accurate enough description. – After greeting the recruits as a group, I lead them to… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #16

Tick Tock A Short by M.J. Moores Feet hurried by: booted heels, galoshes, loafers, runners, and work boots.  They beat the ground according to their own time.  The small package wrapped in metallic blue paper, surrounded by a simple off-white… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #14

Infinite Pathways 2nd place finalist for Short Fiction up to 500 words: The Open Heart By Elizabeth Girard             His face looked awful, yellowish and swollen, pulled out of shape by the breathing tube taped to one side of his… Read More ›