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Author Platforms & Portfolio’s Pt.6

Publicity Tip #34 Don’t be Overwhelmed by Your Marketing Options – Be Strategic Marketing yourself is your author platform. What makes you stand out from a crowd (and get recognized by your target audience) are your marketing techniques, both personal… Read More ›

Stand on Your Own 2 Feet

Publicity Tip #27 Website & Email Attribution – How important is it to make the right impression? Many new and emerging authors use ‘free-attribution’ sites for their website domain names or email addresses.  While this may be cost-effective, it is… Read More ›

BookBub Insight

Publicity Tip #26 When do you pay for marketing as opposed to riding the coat-tales of free publicity? The free publicity options available to authors sound like the best way to go to spread word about your new book.  However,… Read More ›

Never Say Never

Publicity Tip #24 Knowing Your Rights~ Rumor has it that self-published books cannot be sold on the shelves of big name book stores or bought by libraries. This is a lie. Whether you self-publish with a print-on-demand distributor or a… Read More ›

Square Up in Style

Publicity Tip #23 Don’t limit your in-person sales to “cash only.” Have you seen or heard of SQUARE UP?  It’s that tiny white square that small business owners use on hand-held devices like cell phones and tablets.  It allows customers… Read More ›