Stand on Your Own 2 Feet

Publicity Tip #27

Website & Email Attribution – How important is it to make the right impression?

domainMany new and emerging authors use ‘free-attribution’ sites for their website domain names or email addresses.  While this may be cost-effective, it is not professional.

Now, that’s not to say you can’t have as your website or as your email address.  This is often a great way to get started.  However, if you want to treat your writing interests as more than just a hobby and present yourself to the world as an Author and not simply a writer, these two public elements speak volumes about your professionalism.

Realistically it won’t break the budget to pay to get your own domain name.  I have used both the services WordPress offers to upgrade from .wordpress to .org (there’s .com, .me, and many others to choose from) and TierraNet – Domain Discover.  These are by no means the only options available, just the ones I’m familiar with.  It costs me less than $15/year to purchase my .org for this website.  Then, by connecting my domain name to a business email site (I currently use Zoho Mail for free), I am able to create my own email address connected with the website –

I have absolutely no doubt that there are easier ways of getting your domain name and email address synched up (I believe TierraNet – Domain Discover has a way of doing this and allowing you unlimited email address connections too), this is just how I am currently making the system work for me.

If you’re serious about your status as a professional author, find a way to make your name your brand.  Don’t rely on your internet provider or free online email sites like gmail, hotmail, microsoft, or yahoo.  These sites are red blinking lights to the world that you are only a hobbiest.

Take a stand and give yourself permission to spend the cost of a cheep dinner out on the yearly cost of your professional domain name.

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  1. Here is another good site for domain names & business email options:


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