Free Advertising Works

Publicity Tip #3

appleLearn to watch for free advertising opportunities on writing, publishing, and author websites.

While I cover several great free publicity websites in my book Publicizing Yourself, here is a recent one I found that shows a lot of promise:

Sandy’s focus is Romantic Suspense & Memoir.  This author has an average Alexa ranking of 1, 280,000 – so, low.  Often writers use the lour of free advertising to draw in a new clientele and more viewers.  This isn’t a bad thing, but you need to be aware of what ‘free’ will get you.  What is particularly nice about Sandy’s site is that she offers opportunities for guest posts, blog tour stops, and book reviews (but you’ll need to make a personal request).

I have seen the Alexa ranking for this site climb as high as 500,000, on a good day, which means an average or good ranking depending on what she’s posting about.

For writers working on a tight budget, utilize every resource possible.  Just remember, keep within the genre of the author’s site you are using for free advertising.  Traditional Sci-Fi will not do well on her website – however, if it contains a major love story or reads like a memoir, you could push your novel as a cross-over or blended genre and potentially gain a new body of followers.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little 🙂

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