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Publicity Tip #5

micThe biggest piece of advice for new authors when it comes to publicity is to diversify, then the same list of options for G+, twitter, pinterist, facebook, author blog, linkedin, and youtube pops up.

Choosing the right marketing strategy for your personality is just as important as picking the best strategy in order to reach your target audience.

All of the options listed above deal with anonymity: the public know it’s you because they see a picture and your name, except for youtube.  However, many authors shy away from this different medium for a variety of reasons.  The main objection: they are afraid to look foolish in front of their fans.

What if there was another option equally as vital as youtube without having to record yourself on video?

The answer is podcasting – it’s voice.

Notice I didn’t say, “it’s your voice.”  If you are reluctant to be on video, one reason may be that your voice fails you.  Sometimes this issue is handled when all we hear is your voice, sometimes not.  Whoever said it had to be your voice talking or reading into the microphone as you audio record what you want your fans to know about?  If you write under a pen name of the opposite sex the same theory applies – ask a friend to do it for you.

We’re all about being budget conscious here.

New and emerging writers rarely have money and usually have a tiny budget if they do.  By convincing a friend into speaking on your behalf and using a free podcasting website like Pod Cast Garden (, you are able to reach millions of ipod users without having spent a dime.  And you can easily include the RSS feed (the special computer coding) into your author website.

Check it out – it might just be the next best thing since typing 😉

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