There is an Ending to Every Beginning


The Ending

 by Jim Scott, Author. Poet. Sojourner.

In passions of beginning, accelerating thought,

Our dreams of love were spinning the webs in which were caught

The hopes that should have born us on toward the life that now is gone.

The life that never was, nor could have been.

It died before conception.  Before it witnessed light.

Devoid of love’s affection in solitary night

The quiet words we tried to speak of what it was we’d strive to seek

Were never heard, and tears were never seen.


Our lives were lived in lying.  Hiding what was true.

Consciences denying, everything we knew

Of all the years that lay behind, with scarce a smile that we could find.

With scarce a word that we might try again.

And knowing it was ending we turned upon the past

Exhausted from pretending that we might make it last.

We turned upon the dreams we dreamed with hatred for their lies, which seemed

To magnify our anger and our pain.


So now as we’re departing from what our dreams became,

Alone, are we restarting, or merely just the same?

Though traveling now by different ways through different lives, the future stays

A product of the differences we shared.

We’ll walk in two directions, impossible to cross.

We’ll bear our own reflections of compromise and loss.

And given up we can’t look back to where we left the severed track,

Nor where we joined ……….. to see how much we cared………..

……… When passions of beginning, accelerated thought,

When dreams of love were spinning the webs in which were caught

The hopes that should have born us on …….

…….  toward the life that now is gone.

*    *   *

SONY DSCBorn in England, raised on the banks of a river in the Sussex countryside, Jim Scott from a young age developed strong spiritual connections with the natural realm. He wasn’t to understand this until much later in life when this realization explained the somewhat unique atavistic philosophies that evolved from his extensive travels and often ran against the grain of mainstream thinking.

A single father of three, Jim now lives in Canada and spends as much time as he can in the British Virgin Islands where two of his children were born and where, out of all the places to which he has wandered and in which he has sojourned, he feels most at home.


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