Non-fiction Nuggets for Fiction Writers

Publicity Tip #8

Write a non-fiction article based on your fiction book.

Gold NuggetMy first reaction to this concept was that it applied to contemporary or historical fiction only.  I write science fiction and fantasy – where am I going to find a nugget of non-fiction there?

Then it came to me.

My main character’s job is basically a glorified temp. agent.  Yes, the story takes place on another world.  Yes, my protagonist has special abilities that bring her to the top of her game – but isn’t that how every temp. agent wants to see themselves?  The best of the best that’s available when you need them?  The majority of the book also takes place in the deserts – I spoke one-on-one with a British War Veteran about his time in Afghanistan… I can use this to my advantage.

Consider your own work of fiction.  What kind of research did you do to make the plot more viable, more believable?  Are you already an expert at something and seamlessly integrated your knowledge into the book without realizing it?

Turn yourself into an expert on the subject.

Write an article focusing on a non-fiction element in your book and then use your book as a source to prove your viability.  I know what you’re thinking, “I’m a fiction writer, I don’t do articles – I don’t even know where to begin or who to submit my article to.  Who’s going to take me seriously?”

Don’t worry.

There are a ton of resources online to learn article writing from.  And there’s a great, simple, free resource for getting your article ‘out there.’  HARO Publicity  This is a passive resource for writers.  What that means is, once your are a free member, you can upload your articles to their central database.  Then, when other journalists or writers need new or different resources to quote from or utilize in their own research, your article will be available to read.

Depending on how sought-after your non-fiction nuggets are, directly relates to the kind of interest your article will pull in.  That doesn’t mean don’t bother if your topic is obscure or is not currently trending – it might down the road.

Don’t sell yourself short.  You’re a writer, so write.  It’s little gems like these that can work out to be true treasures.

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