An Homage to Satire

Writerly Rant #12

A Modern Proposal

ideaBy M.J. Moores, OCT. Author. Editor. Business Owner.

North America’s IQ is getting progressively lower.  It is easy to overlook this when your circle of friends and colleagues generally think the same way as you.  But the clear and simple fact is that those of the populous, who graduate from university or a high-ranking college, are having fewer if any children.  They are painfully aware of the over-crowding of our planet and the damage the human race is doing to the earth.  They are also interested in pursuing a career before children and sometimes even before marriage or long-term commitment which results in lower birth rates.

However, this is not the case with the rest of society.  Lack of money for birth control or simply lack of care generates large families with parents whose income can often barely put food on the table.  If a university graduate decides to have 1 child, a high school graduate may have 3.

In the matter of a couple of generations, you have to wonder who will be leading our countries and raising our children.

What brought this to mind was witnessing a mother leaving a department store in -15C/5F weather with her infant son sitting in a shopping cart.  This child was not more than 8 months old: his light jacket was slightly unzipped, the hood was down, his little hands were balled into red fists, his nose and cheeks were equally as red – he obviously hadn’t been in the store long and was now being subjected to the brisk cold again.

His mother was completely oblivious to his chill, instead she appeared focused on her car, frowning – showing that her mind was not on the well-being of her child.  Had I approached her, the conversation would likely have gone as follows:

Me – “Your baby looks cold.  Maybe you should button him up a bit more.”

Mother – “Mind your own business, B****.”

Me – “I could call Social Services and tell them about this.  I’m sure they would do nothing more than take down your license plate number, find out who you are, and start a file on you.  But maybe the next time it’s cold outside you’ll consider the health of your child before whatever else is on your mind.”

Mother – “F*** You!”

As much as I hate to see small children suffer at the hands of inept parenting, this may be the only way to level the IQ playing field.  Jonathan Swift was not amiss in his Modest Proposal and I hope you will see the value in mine.  Do not profess to save every child, let survival of the fittest return to balance out the nation’s population and allow for a future of the human race.

*    *    *

This is a work of satire.

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