Managing Mayhem

 Publicity Tip #22

Raffles & Giveaways the Fair & Easy Way ~

RafflecopterGoodreads is well-known for its capacity to help authors organize book giveaways.  But what about other social media sites you work with, your own blog, or a guest spotlight on a colleagues blog?

Rafflecopter is your saving grace – and it’s free!

While there are 2 additional pay options for professional bloggers and business owners, you only need the free version to make your giveaway work.  Here’s what they offer:

Unlimited Giveaways                    Embed Anywhere

Instant Random Winners             World-class Support

One-click Facebook App

The site allows you to focus your giveaway or raffle around a number of different options like: comments posted, likes given, links generated, re-tweets, and more.  Your first 5 giveaways need to use their standard options but then you are able to get creative and include different choices of your own design.

Stop by the site and check out first hand how it works.  Give yourself the flexibility to promote and publicize your giveaways – no strings attached.

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