Book Lovers Unite!

Book Review Submissions for Infinite Pathways ~

bookpileDo you love reading as much as I do?

Have you been inspired to share your thoughts and rave about a book you’ve just read?

Whether or not you’ve written a book review before, have one or more currently posted on Goodreads or Amazon or a Reviewer’s Blog, consider sharing your thoughts with us here at Infinite Pathways.

While it’s true we like to use a literary format for our reviews, they are easy to follow.  If you’d like to share a review you’ve already written, we can assisted you in converting the content to our format or you can do it yourself 🙂

Here’s the outline:

A one paragraph introduction to the book (no plot spoilers please – it should read like your version of the book blurb)

One or more paragraphs raving about what you like/love about the book (referring to at least one example from the book)

One or more paragraphs raving about what didn’t sit well with you about the book (try to be constructive but honest)

One or two sentences about your overall feelings and/or recommendations.

By the way, a paragraph is usually considered  to be 3 or more sentences 😉

It is time for us book lovers to unite and find new avenues to let other bookies know about what’s good and what doesn’t quite make the cut. Query your review using the CONTACT tab at the top of the page.

Note: No reviews of erotica or non-socially acceptable topics.

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