The Promise of Spring

A Collection of Poems by Patricia Miller

Left Behind

white mushroomsI’m planted on a stump
Drinking bottled water
Watching you hike on
The dirt road bleached by sun
Squirrels scamper up trees
My sandals sink in moss
How did we get to this place
You so far ahead
And I so far behind
I stomp white mushrooms
Growing at my feet
Freeing my hurt
Before you round a bend
I will the turn of your head
You glance back
I smile
Why can’t we go to New York City?
There’s still time.

Spring Promise

 jump in lake

The notion is to smell the wet grass

Out in the open space between the pines

See the snow melting before your eyes

And picture yourself in a red swimsuit

Dipping your toes in the lake

Feeling the warm waves

Photography by Thomas Hays -

Photography by Thomas Hays –

Hoping the fish don’t nibble

Craving more sunshine

Sixty sleeps from today

You will wonder if you should have snacked less

Regret eating the salty chips

Search for excuses

And finally

Strip away your fear and –


Today  you breathe and watch a robin.

The World

We ran when we heard
Bells from the ice cream truck
Barefooted in short shorts
Through blades of grass
Coating our toes in dew
Jumping the fire hydrant
Dodging lawn chairs
Fingers gripping silver coins
Cicadas calling …
We knew nothing then
As we shifted foot to foot
Leaning bronze shoulder to bronze shoulder
Smiling in the sunshine
Unaware of hobos
Hoodlums and crack
We saw the world as one
Rainbow sherbert waffle cone
Full of rainbows and love
Until the day the truck driver
Stared at my chest
That’s when I knew
The world was complicated
More than just grass and sweets.

PatriciaMillerCropped-1Patricia Miller has published photographs and non-fiction articles on home decorating and healthcare through Metroland Media Group. Titles include The Sweet Appeal of Citrus, Create Cool Cottage Charisma, and Why Does Anyone Want to Work in Long Term Care?

In 2008, Patricia established the BWG Writers’ Circle, a group of adult Writers that meets for fellowship and sharing at the Bradford Public Library.Patricia’s poem Birthday Mosaic 40 was published in the literary journal The Toronto Quarterly – Issue Five in 2010. Her poem Our Cottage My Heaven was published in Anthology: From the Cottage Porch by Sunshine in a Jar Press in 2011. The anthology is a dynamic collection of forty stories and poems.

Patricia is delighted that her true love story Catching Snowflakes appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada The Wonders of Winter in 2013.

www.chickensoup.comPatricia is thrilled that first fiction novel The Mausoleum Road Affair, a sweeping erotic romance, arrives from Swoon Romance in Fall, 2014. 

Be sure to connect with Patricia –

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