Adventures in Book Genre Stereotyping

Writerly Rant #34

Tara SparlingTara writes novels, short fiction and screenplays.

She spends all of her spare time with words. The writing of them and the reading of them. However, she has a day job which hinges on numbers – pushing them around, extracting meaning from them and generally insulting them.

Currently in production are three novels, all in various quantum states of editing and, for now, submissions limited to competitions; more than two feature length screenplay treatments, and usually, at least three or four short scripts. It’s a lot of work, but a labour of sickly-sweet true love.

As a fully certified nerd who loves spreadsheets, graphs and visualisations, there is nothing Tara likes better than a perfectly proportioned pie chart. Unless, of course, you’re talking about a well-stocked bar chart.

Tara Sparling writes

Bootkissing Author

Another day, another Guardian article.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Guardian’s Book section. It feeds me. But I don’t like it when it makes me feel guilty and ashamed. Especially when they’re right.

Today’s offensive (i.e. read: far too close to the bone) article points out that there is no such genre as “women’s fiction”. The article springs from a great rant by Joanne Harris. There should not be a separately designated genre on Amazon/GoodReads etc for women’s fiction, she says. It is literature. Or it is a book. It is not a woman’s book.

I couldn’t agree more. (Only it’s not just “women’s fiction” that gets this shoddy treatment. It goes for several more so-called genres too, maligned and derided by the Literati.)

And yet, as an emerging author, yet to properly sell myself on the open market, and yet hoping to do so in the near future, I have…

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