Utilize Your Options for Getting Noticed

Publicity Tip #35

Just Getting Started in the Blogging World or Need a Boost?

Alice at the CrossroadsThere are a number of blog directories available for you to register your site with. Some are free and some you pay for. Some offer you extra analytics and some don’t.

The most recent directory I’ve come across is lonelyblogs.com. Now, don’t get this confused with lonelybloggers.com – that’s an online dating website that will drive the wrong kind of traffic to your door.

lonelyblogs.com is a relatively new directory where it’s still easy to get noticed – and it’s free. You retain all your content if you sign up with the service. They are offering a site for people interested in reading blogs to find what’s out there by subject/category. Whoever your blog provider is will have a similar service for other blogs on that site but what if you’re interested in looking at other blogging platforms too? These are the resources designed to help those readers.

Below is a link to The Search Engine Journal and a post explaining a bit more about the process with 23 other blog directories you can check out.


You’ve done all the hard work, it’s time to bring readers to your door.

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