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Publicity Tip #37

party-invitationOkay, so your book is nearly ready to launch. You have a modest (or so) mailing list worked up and you want to start making waves. One good use for that carefully crafted e-mail list is to generate book reviews and set up your own blog tour.

Make sure you have a prototype (or the actual) cover for your book, make a pre-run of the text available in multiple e-formats (.mobi, .epub, .pdf) and develop a message that covers the following:

A nice welcome or hello in the style according to your author persona

Let people know you’re trying something new and would like their help if they have the time.

Announce the date your book will launch, including the full title, genre, and one sentence hook (don’t go into too much detail just yet but mention that you’ve attached the cover image and the back blurb in case they’re interested)

Explain about generating reviews prior to the launch (and how important they are for early publicity options on various sites) and that you’d like to arrange time for a guest blog, interview, or author spotlight on their blog to help spread the word

Invite those interested in helping you to respond back within one week

Be gracious and let people know that you will return the favour any way you can

Then, when you get the replies a week or so later, develop a “Thank you for your interest” e-mail:

Acknowledge the time they will be dedicating to help you out

Let them know you will be sending along a media package & information page that they can use at their disposal for generating their own interview or spotlight

Let them know that you are able to do guest spots on “these” topics (give them a list and mention you could write a new one or they could borrowing one they like from your own blog) and that they can send you a list of up to “so many” questions they’d like to include in a more detailed interview particular to their site if that is what they prefer

Give them the time line for your blog tour and when you hope to have their reviews posted by (ask them to specify where they will be posting their reviews: personal site, Goodreads, Amazon, etc. to help you keep track)

Let them know when you will be sending out the ARCs for your book (Advance Reading Copy)

Set up a calendar on google (for free) to stay organized and allow your contacts to input what day they would like to have you “stop by their site” on the blog tour (don’t over book yourself for any one day. Give them guidelines ahead of time – like 1 or 2 blogs/day on a first come, first served basis)

Make sure you keep your promises and stay in contact with those who have agreed to help you. When a review is posted, thank them. When your blog tour day on their site approaches (about 2 days out) send them a quick e-mail to let them know you’re ready and will monitor comments on their site. This prevents you from hounding these kindly elves who’ve agreed to help you and yet shows them how professional you are and that you haven’t forgotten about them.

Then see where all this planning takes you. No matter what, enjoy the ride and have fun with it!

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  1. Hey I just found your blog. I really liked this post it really will help keep things straight in my head of what needs to be in my emails. Thanks this was very helpful.


  2. Okay, I’m going to take this seriously, and try the strategies. I say this because usually I say, ‘Well, I know this won’t work. Time spent when I could be writing.’ However, since this was found just by chance, . . . serendipity. By the way I’m not new or emerging, but I am totally new to using social media/technology for marketing my books and it feels really strange. It’s not even in my mental set. So we’ll see. If it works I’ll certainly let you know. On another note completely, M. J. Moores are you from Canada? I see you are a member of the Canadian Authors Association. I went to the University of Toronto. I’m hoping that is also a good sign.


    • Thanks for stopping by the site, Diane.
      I think it’s great that a professional writer like yourself is able to find a “new” element to connect to your potential fan-base with. Dealing with social media in any of its forms is not a natural process for those of us who were born before 1990. As I learn and plod my way through the mire I want to save others from having to do the same. And, yes, I am Canadian šŸ˜‰ I live about an hour north of Toronto. Most of my American followers find it laughable that I uses the letter U in many of my words: colour, neighbour, etc. but the message is the same. As much as writing is a priority for you, if you want to look at an alternative way to building your fan-base and getting the word out about your books, reviews and virtual blog tours do help. With this being your first flirtation with the process try to see it as a fun break from your writing, and don’t allow yourself to have any expectations about the outcome. That way you won’t be disappointed if you don’t get a wild response and if you do get that incredible response you can be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!


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