Getting Noticed Pt 2

Do book directories work?

rolodexIf you’ve heard of Goodreads, you know how successful they are in helping readers find new material. While I believe it’s crucial to at least have your work listed in Goodreads, it’s not the only source out there that acts as a book directory – a place for readers to find new material.

I mentioned a few weeks ago and touted the merits of utilizing simple publicity strategies to get the word out about your book. Well, I’ve come across another site that’s even better:

Writers Net –

It’s a fairly simple and straightforward site with not a lot of flash and sizzle but they get results. What do I mean? Their world web-ranking with is really good, in the 200,000s – that means they are being used by a lot of people on a regular basis. Their local web-ranking with the US is around 80,000 and that’s a highly successful number. Not only do readers go there to learn about new options but they stick around and look at multiple pages per visit.

One aspect I personally like is the section for writers – freelancers like myself. If someone is looking for a writer to help them on a project your profile can be accessed and the site used to connect you with potential clients. Now, this is not necessarily the best resource for getting freelance work, but with the traffic this site sees you would not be amiss registering with them… it is free after all.

The nice thing about this directory is that you can check in as often or as little as best fits your social media style. For authors they simply suggest you make sure you keep your portfolio up to date with current contact information and weblinks along with your active book list. If you relish in interaction, you can become an active member of their forums and spread the word about you and your work on a more frequent basis.

So what are you waiting for?

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