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Publicity Tip #43

If you subscribe to anything online (blog, writing community, forum, group, etc.) you will have received an email asking you to confirm that you “actually want to be receiving mail” from this resource and then have the option of setting your preferences (usually anywhere from personalizing the incoming email with your name to how frequently you receive notices of new content).

For authors, this is a great way to communicate directly with your followers/fans and build up your mailing list for those all-so-important notices about events you’re attending, workshops you’re giving, and books you’re launching.

Sending out your very own newsletters (solicited mail) is as easy as finding the right bulk distribution site (medium for sending out your notices).

Here are two that I’ve heard the most about:

MailChimp: Their “Entrepeneur” level is free and lets you reach up to 2,000 subscribers (this is a great start for a new author). It allows you to build your email list via your wordpress and facebook contacts; it has professional templates for you to pick from and use where you simply fill in your “news” and press send.

AWebber: They offer a one month trial for $1 and then you select the service package you require after that (if you choose to remain with them – I don’t use this site but I have learned that their pricing is ‘reasonable’ if you find that this outlet is helping you make money). They will help you set up your “list” with links on your website and other social media platforms or you can import a pre-existing list like those people who are following your blog (just remember that you need to give people the option to decline receiving email from you – it’s the law now).

Why bother with an email subscription list?

It allows you to reach your fans/followers on a more intimate level where you can list the blogs you’ve posted that week and provide some insight into a niche market (cactus plants, vampires, French Cafes, etc.) you know a lot about. You can choose to send notices weekly, monthly, or only ‘as necessary’ to let people know about where your next book tour will take you, giveaways you’re offering, freebies, etc.

By no means it is necessary to have an email list by using a company to help you keep organized but some of us need that, right? So keep an open mind, and if you think this resource could come in handy it might actually help you make money by letting fans know immediately when your next book will be available for sale ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I have been looking into a mailing list/newsletter, and this has given me the push I needed! ๐Ÿ™‚ Mailchimp definitely sounds like the way to go for now.


    • Hi Mishka,
      Sometimes all we need is that little extra push ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think MailChimp is great for starting out. If you find that your list grows beyond that initial 2,000 emails then you can comparison price between your options down the road.
      Good luck!


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