Paid Marketing Help that Works

Publicity Tip #49

name_in_lights_bannerHave you ever wondered if you could be doing more than utilizing all the “free” methods of advertising and publicity for your book? Do you have a realistic marketing budget that you’re itching to dig into but you’re not sure who out there is reliable?

Try Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s author services at eMerce Content.

I have spoken with several authors who have used her services and were pleased with the results. While she offers a variety of packages, if you contact her directly, often she is willing to help you assess your needs based on what you’ve already done/are doing and what she can supplement to your campaign to help you reach a broader market.

Depending on what kind of services you’re looking for, her general pricing ranges from approx. $55.00 – $160.00.

One of the best things about Jo-Anne though, is that she’ll offer discounts periodically on her services. If you have some time, follow her on LinkedIn, facebook or on her website and get notices for when she makes offers and on what products.

These kinds of Paid Marketing Services are not for everyone, but if this is something you’re wanting to try – Jo-Anne does get results.

Happy Marketing!

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