Come and find me – 2014

If you get a chance to click through and check out the 50 Shades of Me blog page, read the comments left for this simple, heartfelt, and honest poem – DARKYBLUE has touched many with her words 🙂


DarkyBlueDarkyBlue started her blog because she has been writing poems since she was about ten years old. She has never shown them to anyone as she was ashamed of who she was because of how others treated her and made her feel. They were sort of a diary for how she was feeling at that time in her life.

DarkyBlue has suffered depression since childhood and although there is a lot of darkness in her life, there is also a beautiful light in the form of friends to which she owes her life to and love dearly.

DarkyBlue reads these poems often to remind herself of how far she’s come since that frightened little child, and smiles to herself because she never thought she would make it this far.

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