Images Speak a Thousand Words

Publicity Tip #66

Orbe Flare700-269888

If you have the ability or the means to obtain publicity blurbs from professionals on ARCs (advance reading copies) of your book, don’t just slap them on the cover or hide them in the front matter – get them working harder for you!

It is relatively simple to crop an image of your book down in Photoshop (or another photo editor of your choice) and add a text box. If you’ve never done this before, there are youtube videos and step-by-step instructions available a click away on your search engine. You can even utilize PickMonkey or InstaQuote to help you.

The point is, by putting these teasers out into the market place via your preferred social media outlet(s): facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. you are giving yourself an opportunity to build buzz about your book before it goes on sale.

If you don’t get any high-ranking reviews or media blurbs before the launch of your book – then do it after!

The more ways you can reach your audience the better.


an image really is worth a thousand words 😉

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  1. Great idea. I think I’ll try this tip.


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