Writing & Trepidation


I have never been one of those writers who

sits and stares

at a

blank page

not knowing what to write.

Today I was looking at writing the second half of a story

I began over three years ago

and haven’t returned to

until now.

I took the first 50 thousand words I’d written by hand

and typed them up…

I felt like I was a reader learning this story

for the first time.

While the characters and the plot

felt familiar,

because I’d been disconnected

from it for so long I didn’t know how to begin again.

I caught myself staring

at that blank


So, I shut the laptop,

pulled out a notebook and pen

(just as I had written the first 50K words)

and began plotting,

organizing facts,


relearning this world.

The trepidation I felt was unnerving and strange


I’m glad it’s over now 🙂


Have you ever faltered before writing something?

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