Year 2: Day 97 – Sonnets


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Charlotte Cuevas ColourA walking stereotype, Charlotte Cuevas is exactly what you’d expect from a children’s librarian and freelance writer – most days you’ll find her bustling about here and there, balancing coffee and a stack of books, fingers stained with ink and pearls jangling. She’s quite serious about poetry, literature, personal growth, and figuring out how to rebuff society’s standards when she’s most content fitting right into them.

The 365 Poetry Project is Charlotte’s attempt to push herself to a greater mastery of the craft, as opposed to her wonderful penchant for writing “whenever I feel like it.” She in no way claims that it was her idea; only that it feels like something she need to do.

The 365 Poetry Project

Read sonnets to me in the coffee nights,
in the back alley doorways
where the creatures scurry,
where the drippings from tailpipes
beat measures we sing by the moon.

Dig holes in the earth and drop trinkets in,
and kick them back over and come find me,
and let me look but never tell me where they are.

Look at me with tired eyes and drink without a word,
take your vitamins from my blood and give me yours.
Sleep with impatient fever, if you will,
but tell me stories of where you’ve been
when you’ve come back all flustered.

Let me read sonnets to you in the dark,
and on overcast days that remind me of spring,
and follow when I wander off,
tired and sick of sonnets.

Point me straight to where your garden grows,
where your angels guard the gate,
and let me sit and gather grace

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