Acquiring Book Reviews, Pt 1

Publicity Tip #69 ~

Image Courtesy of - Creative Commons

Image Courtesy of – Creative Commons

Have you exhausted your personal book review resources? You know, your good friends who bought the book just to support you, your partner’s office buddies, your relatives and colleagues?

Wondering how on earth to go about finding people who are actually interested in writing about what they’ve read?

I’m going to let the big slip happen today.

You need to visit The Indie View book reviewers page.

The Indie View is an online magazine for Indie Authors who, like me, do their best to help new and emerging authors with a focus for Indie Publishing. The best things about their review list are that it’s long and reviews are free.

The worst things about their review list are: you have to visit every site you’re interested in requesting a review from to see if that reader is currently accepting reviews, and to double check their submission guidelines – you don’t want to send a romance book to a crime reader or a fiction book to a non-fiction reader and so on.

NOTE: Not everyone’s definition of “Indie” is the same. Make sure you read the submission guidelines carefully. Some Indie Reviewers consider small publishers in the same breath as self-publishers and some don’t.

This is a great site so when you’re ready to send out those ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) or are looking to simply get a few more honest reviews out there and let new audiences learn about you, check out The Indie View.

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