Character, It’s in the Details

Big & Small

Broad strokes when it comes to building characters

will often lead to stereotypical ideas & two-dimensionality.

This is what every writer dreads.

I stand by this quote 100%

in that I firmly believe we’ll learn more about the character

who scowls at red pink roses

from a supposed ‘loved one’

than we will the character who

rips the accompanying card to shreds and tosses it in the air.

The fact that he wears a school ring and not his wedding ring

says more than him being late for dinner most nights…

It’s the subtleties of life that draw readers into our characters –

make us love and hate them.

The scar over the villain’s right lip that he gnaws on

tells me more about his pains and regrets

than the fact that he hates the protagonist…

that small detail gives a hint of back story and the knowledge that it’s a point of contention,

one that he refuses to let go of.


What small detail/BIG characteristic are you most proud of with one of your characters?

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