Is Self-Publishing Only for Americans?

Writerly Rant #75 ~

"13 Death" by N0cturbulous - Creative Commons License

“13 Death” by N0cturbulous – Creative Commons License

By Derek Haines on The Vandal

**Note: This is an exceptional rant/opinion about the current state of self-publishing for non-Americans. Derek breaks down for readers exactly the costs vs. benefits as well as road-bumps and walls placed in the way of many self-publishers.

Please visit Derek’s blog to read his account of frustrations and conclusions on being a self-published author who is not an American citizen.

Those of you who follow my blog who happen to be American this is well worth a read to see just how Amazon aligns the playing field in your favour (giving you a slight advantage with your writing in the global market place).

Derek does not permit re-blogs.

You can read the article here: Is Self Publishing Only for Americans?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this matter.

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  1. Well, I’m Canadian and I self-publish, under my own imprint. But I’m new at this so I can’t tell how well it is working. Will be interesting to find out how it pans out for me.


  2. This was a good article. We here at RoughTradeBlog had no idea how hard it is for non-U.S. authors to self publish.


    • It’s really quite interesting to note that all of the major player in the “free” e-book/self-publishing community are based out of the USA. Without an ITIN/EIN/TIN those of us from out of country trying to make a living can encounter a lot of resistance. That being said, I know of a few Canadian Indie Authors who are managing well for themselves and their IRS process was swift and efficient… however, those ‘good’ stories are few and far between.


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