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Publicity Tip #75 ~

ChoosyHD2-250x250You may or may not have heard of the website Choosy Bookworm. Their mission is “to bring authors and eBook lovers together” with a book promotion site for Indie Authors. In the early days this well-ranked website had stricter rules about who could use their service with such mandates as number of reviews on Amazon and pricing of your eBook. While these rules are still in place they’ve been relaxed just enough for newbies to take advantage of the opportunities they provide.

First of all, as long as your eBook is priced at $3.99 or lower you qualify for their FREE publicity service. While they would prefer if you had 8 (yes, only 8) Amazon reviews, they acknowledge how difficult it can be to obtain those coveted reviews when you’re first starting out.

Now, there’s no guarantee that even if you submit your book for consideration of their FREE services that you will be chosen… they say it right in their name – Choosy Bookworm. While they will make one or two spots available with their Book Feature in their newsletter and on their website, there are often 10 submissions to pick from for each free spot available.

That being said, they have extremely reasonable rates for advertising with them:

Guaranteed Feature – $8     Your book will be featured in their newsletter and on their website (read by several thousand readers) for one day or issue.

Premium Feature – $20     Your book will not only be promoted on their Feature eBook pages and in the newsletter but it will be tweeted about and remain on the eBook pages for 1 week.


Choosy Bookworm also offers a service to authors for reviews. They specify that the money you’re spending goes toward publicity on their website and in their newsletter (the costs you see above) and that no money changes hands between them and their reviewers. They charge $80 for the standard “Read & Review” service and often run discounts on services. They do offer a partial refund ($30) if you don’t receive a healthy number of reviews (12+) and extra feature time on their site.

You need 50 reviews on Amazon before your book will even figure in Amazon’s ranking system – Food for Thought.

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  1. Would love to use this service, but my book is not on Amazon. 😦 At least not directly, so I can’t get in their newsletter. Bummer. Good service for those that are on Amazon though.


    • Good point, Nanci. Not all authors publish with Amazon but I do encourage you to try and get an ITIN with the IRS to help open up the eBook market and more options to you and your potential readers 😀


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