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Publicity Tip #78 ~

phones-and-bookIf you’re a music & reading lover this author publicity platform is exactly what you need. Writing YA? Mystery? Want to add the “DUN, Dun, dun…” or the dramatic concerta leading up to the big reveal? What about forest noises as your protagonist searches for… you get the idea.

Booktrack is the novel idea of building a “soundtrack” for your book! As someone reads your words they can listen to the accompanying background music you imagined in the movie version of your novel!

This is currently a FREE service.

You join with a free membership, you create your own book tracks (free) then release them via the Booktrack store (that’s really the only catch I can see right now).

The technology here allows the reader to read as fast or as slow as they like and the music will keep up with them. If you have the time to devote to this and feel your genre or content speaks to readers who enjoy music while they read, this is a fantastic way of getting a niche market to work for you.

Why Booktrack?

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Today’s indie authors are always looking for ways to build a fan base and market their books. Booktrack is a free promotional platform that’s fun, easy to use, cool, and can introduce authors to new reading audiences they may not have quotation-marks 99considered before. It’s a no-risk marketing tool. The only thing you need to invest is a bit of time, and the energy and enthusiasm to create a good soundtrack to match your story.

Learn more HERE 🙂

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  1. I listen to music when I’m writing and come to associate certain songs with certain scenes. But I don’t think a reader will be able to read and concentrate at the same time as listening to ‘War Inside’ by Lacuna Coil. Maybe I should become a film director.


    • I know what you mean Chris, but a very real truth happens to be that a large percentage of society do listen to music or have the TV going in the background while they read. This bugs me, personally, to no end as I need near complete silence when I read. But, my Grandmother, several of my cousins and most of my students listen to music while they read. This is also why I’ve identified Booktrack as a niche market. It won’t work for every book or even all books in a certain genre. You need to know who your target audience is and whether or not directing exactly what kind of music is playing in the background as they read makes sense as being part of your author/book platform.
      Thanks for commenting!


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