Spending Money to Make Money: Using Your Author Budget Wisely

Publicity Tip #80 ~

ebook publishingYou might have noticed by now that there are a lot of “free” eBooks available to help you with a number of different author-oriented things: better characters, how to plot, grammar, creating your own website… it goes on. There are even a number of publicity and marketing books available.

Generally the information these “free” books contain makes sense and can be applied immediately. However, there’s always a catch: If you want to know even more then you should “buy” the complete version/next book/into the program etc.

So the question remains, “Do I need to buy that book or will the free advice be sufficient?”

The answer:

The free stuff will only be enough to get you started – most especially for book/author publicity. These are the tried and true commonsense practices that you may not have learned about yet but need to know.

However, I would highly suggest that you look into the .99C – $1.99 eBook market when you’re ready to move beyond the basics and really commit to taking your book/author publicity to the next level.

But do your homework!

Be sure to look at the reviews for this material on Goodreads and Amazon (and any other site you trust) and see what the popular eBooks in this market are. Any piece of your limited budget that you spend on marketing or publicity needs to be worth it.

I could give you a list of eBooks that I’ve used (including my own!) but that would defeat the purpose of this exercise. You need to find the eBook(s) that will work best for you – that focus on what you want to learn and are written in a style you enjoy reading.

Trust me, it’s worth it 😉

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  1. Great post, even though I have to disagree on one point. Price does not necessarily mean quality. Many books can be purchased at discount or for free during promotions (though I do encourage purchasing books to help authors). Also, sometimes authors will give books away for free in exchange for reviews. I’ve read several really good books this way. And speaking of reviews, yes, you are so right. You’ve got to, got to read those.


    • I completely agree with you Toni on the point that some really great books get discounted or offered for free with the right giveaway. Generally speaking though, eBooks that are intended to be free in the DIY market tend to reflect the core idea of the post 😉 However, I’m sure if you find a DIY publicity book you’d love to read then contacting the author with an “offer they can’t refuse” (a quality review!) will help keep costs down in the long run and really help strengthen a tight budget.


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