Warning! Book Thief – Make Sure Someone Else isn’t Profiting off Your Book

Do not trust this site:

http://www.urbookdownload.com One of my author clients just informed me that her book was illegally downloaded by this online company. If you have a book in the marketplace make sure these guys aren’t taking your hard-earned money! If they are, go immediately to your writer’s union/guild/club (e.g. SFWA, RWA, etc.) and they will help you fight this! If you have DRM (Digital Rights Management) then get it working for you. MJ

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    Pirate Alert!!!


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    Author M.J. Moores has advised of THIS PIRATE SITE…


  3. This is happening more and more often. Thank you for warning others.


    • It’s important we help each other out. Pirating someone else’s work is a loss of revenue for many Indie Authors and it’s shameful that there are companies out there trying to take advantage of ‘the little guy’.


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    Book thief alert!


  5. This theft appears to be escalating. 😦


  6. Appears they’re claiming to be a DMCA if this is a fake site. Looks as though they expect you to type your book title in to ‘search’ and see if it’s been downloaded. Possibly getting other information in the process?
    have they been turned in yet?

    It will pay for everyone to be certain rogue sites are dismantled soon as possible. Always be careful how you handle things with your book. I placed the DRM with Kindle for each of mine even though it doesn’t stop a criminal… it just provides an avenue for justice.


    • Whether an author has opted in for DRM or not shouldn’t matter since the text/content of their book is protected under copyright. If permission wasn’t given (like in this instance) then justice must be sought. I haven’t seen if Preditors & Editors or Absolute Write Water Cooler have highlighted this specific company – I trust what my (editing) client has discovered and I wanted to share that with everyone.


      • Correct Mrs. Moores,

        The only difference is with DRM, there may be a stronger element able to go after them. I’m hoping there is some action that can be taken as one stated since they’re not profiting from it ( free download ) there wasn’t much could be done. I tend to feel the other way – there should be something done.

        If anyone is logging on, purchasing a book, then copying it to offer on their site free for download… it brings damages all the way around. I wouldn’t be surprised if the publishing house industry doesn’t have something to do with this.

        Let’s hope the individual(s) responsible are dealt with properly.


      • Agreed.
        Thanks for your insight.


  7. Okay.. that just opened another avenue where there may be cause to worry.

    Someone locates and purchases your book… then makes a different format ( entire same story line etc… )
    Slips a new cover on it, changes the author name then adds it to their very own site?

    How much of this is going on out here? I’ll operate using author’s book images only in agreement directly from the author. The link from their cover goes directly to their page – I won’t sell them ( any of them ) from my site directly. The link sends the visitor to the author’s requested link and it better be a valid authentic location they are selling their book from or it won’t go in.


  8. We must be vigilant and pass on the information as it will only escalate. Thank you for spreading the word.


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    Be aware and beware!


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    Be aware and beware!


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    Watch out, there’s a thief about!


  12. Good warning, thank you. It’s the definite downside of the wonders of digital technology … the same as happened in the music industry when it moved from records to downloads. I will remain vigilant.



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