Interview with Urban Fantasy Author Kate Trinity

Kate TrinityIt’s my pleasure to welcome urban fantasy author Kate Trinity to Infinite Pathways today. Kate is the daughter of a nurse and steam engine driver. She had no idea what the world had in store for her. School, horses, university, writing was how it panned out. When she writes she lets the characters tell her their story and follows them until the end, she has very little say but they do tend to take over her brain until their story has been told. Kate’s latest book It Is the Demon in Me is the first in a trilogy, on sale as of April 24th, 2015.

I’d like to give a warm welcome to Kate Trinity today.

Thanks for the invite, MJ.

Tales of the bizarre and supernatural cropping into modern life are being gobbled up by the masses and your latest novel It Is the Demon in Me feeds into that hunger. Could you describe for us the moment that launched you on your writing journey?

I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember, but I’d never thought to try self-publishing until I was shown a story about the success of another writer. I wrote a few short stories first to figure out how it all worked before starting on a novel.

How has your ‘day job’ or post-secondary schooling influenced your writing? What are the main influences to your writing?

I used to work with horses, outdoors every day, so I think a lot of my books involve the natural environment. Horses often feature somewhere too. And my degrees are in forensics and fire so I find a lot of my training in those areas often sneaks in without me noticing. I always liked the ‘Magic is just things science hasn’t explained yet’ theory. To me that means science and magic are the same thing from a different perspective.

What were the most challenging aspects of bringing your book to life?

Locations are often the most challenging, especially when they’re set somewhere in the real world; it means I need to spend a lot of time looking at the environment and seasons, the natural wildlife and plant life. Google maps is a great way to explore places across the globe, especially in street view. You also have to be aware that there is a different style of living, both in what’s available and in what they do for entertainment.

What is the fundamental message you would like readers to walk away with after reading your work?

That anything is possible.

Who is your favourite character? Could you describe an interesting moment in the development of this character for us?

Grandfather was my favourite to write. He started off as a small player, just part of the history of the story, but then became a major player. I loved creating his library, and then showing that he walks around barefoot all the time. It’s hard to tell you all about him without giving away the story and how important he ended up being. But if I had to pick someone to play him in a movie it would be Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel! That’s some grandfather – lol 😉 What was the most difficult scene for you to write? Try to describe your efforts without revealing too much or ‘spoiling’ the moment for future readers.

The moment Deanna finds out what she really is. It was difficult to get the feeling of that right, the confusion mixed with surprise and a little giddiness at the possibilities. How the others involved felt and reacted. It was a very complicated scene to work out and it happens quite early on in the story, so it took a lot of re-writes to get it to where it is now.

What insight can you give regarding the publishing industry and the route you chose for publication (traditional publishing vs. self-publishing).

If you’re going to go the self-publishing route, you need to realise that a large part of it is being an entrepreneur and that you need to be willing to find the ways that work best to market your own work. What works for one book might not work for the next, and the same goes for authors. It isn’t one shoe fits all. Being represented by Leesa from Wallace Publishing changes the game again. She’s great at finding the right connections and it takes a little of the pressure off me so I can focus more on the writing. As for traditional publishing – I tried it a few times but didn’t get anywhere with it, I think it’s a lot of work and a lot of letter writing and a lot of finger crossing – which makes the letter writing difficult.

LOL! Yes, I guess it would 😀 What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of publicizing yourself and your work?

Getting over the fear of reaching out to people. I could never get the marketing and publicising part right so I bit the bullet and took an entrepreneurial course. I had to set the writing aside for a year to go through it and find out all the different ways you could market and approach people, but I met an amazing group of people as a result and loved every minute of it. I hope that it’s made me a more proactive author.

What drew you to the fantasy genre? What are your favourite scenes to write?

I don’t know if anything drew me to it particularly, although I do read a lot of Terry Pratchett, the Harry Potter Novels, and Vampire novels too. But one day this idea seemed to pop into my head. I may have been in the bath at the time, which meant I had nothing to write it down on and had to build the character quite fully in my mind before I could make any notes.

I love writing the scenes about magic and creatures not of this world. I can use real witchcraft rituals – and if you know about these you’ll recognise them throughout the novel – in some places they go as far back as books like The Book of Solomon for inspiration. The creatures are complete constructs of my imagination and yet based on how real creatures move and behave. I very much enjoy taking the fantasy and making it real, I hope it comes across that way in the stories.

What projects are you currently working on and can you reveal or give any juicy hints?

It is the Demon in Me is the first in a trilogy, and all three books are already written. The second is going through the editing process as I write this, so you won’t be waiting around for ages to find out what happens next.
And the few who have read all three already want to know why there isn’t a forth; they think the story is only just beginning, so I may be persuaded to write more if it’s what the readers want.

Thanks so much for joining me today Kate, and for sharing your journey with us. I wish you all the best on this book and your future endeavors.

Connect with Kate…

Author Page / Wallace Publishing





It Is the Demon in Me

A wickedly good novel about magic, curses, witches, and demons. . .

​Born a witch Deanna knew she had powers, but not the extent of them.

Her parents, and their coven, bound her to keep her safe from the demons that wanted to find her. ​But as her powers grew the bindings weakened and they were found.

She must be unbound quickly as only she has the power to fight off the demons. But what she discovers changes everything. Her place in this world is not as she thought. The time has come to make a decision and the lives of her family and their coven rest on it.

It Is The Demon In Me is the first in a three part series about Deanna, her family, and their true bloodline.

When your whole world changes do you use fight or flight?



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