Fiction Friday #31: The Magical Muse (Anthology #1)

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The Gem of Alismar

By: Matthew Frassetti

“So, you plan to attempt the trials?” the man asked Abriel.
“Yes, it’s my only hope to restore my health and save Elise.”
“And that’s the fabled gem I take it?” The man pointed at Abriel’s sword, leaning up against the corner wall. A small, bright, glistening red gem hung from the hilt. The gem of Alismar.
“Yep,” he replied. “It will open the cave to the trials.”
“But the trials are suicide. No one has ever completed them.”
Abriel sighed in frustration. This conversation was extremely familiar to him, as anyone who had ever identified his illness, or spotted the gem of Alismar hanging from his sword, had tried to talk him out of attempting the trials of Samael. But what choice did he have? He was dying, and this was the only chance he had to save Elise.
“Look, I don’t have many options left,” Abriel said. “How much more time has your healing ritual bought me?”

*     *     *

man_wearing_hat_silhouetteMatthew Frassetti is a student at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, currently studying creative writing. He is a contributor for, where he writes articles featured on games and video games.

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Decisions, Decisions

By: Brandan Carroll

Being a homebody, Bart rarely had occasion to flaunt much of anything. Nevertheless, he was proud of being a Knocker and diligently carried out his duties as a helpful fairy. He had once been known far and wide amongst the men of old for helping out in the mines and quarries. He warned of cave-ins and other imminent dangers encountered by those delving into Terra, whether they were in search of treasure, or simply digging enough fuel to cook a meager supper.

Men had certainly forgotten the Knockers and the other creatures of Summerland over the ages. They did not even believe in Summerland anymore, but Bart didn’t really care. His main concerns were keeping a good stock of butter, bread, and beer. Fairies from the surrounding woodlands and prairies often came to him for help in evaluating some treasure they might have found here or there. Bart was the local expert on the value of treasure simply because he had accumulated more of it than anyone except old Paddy Puffingtowne, that irritating Clurichaun who preferred to live in a mound in Kilkenny County.

*     *     *

TexasBrendan Carroll was born in Southeast Texas in the middle of the Twentieth Century. Writing stories is a life-long passion because telling stories gets him in trouble. He currently has thirty-four novels published at of which his Red Cross of Gold series is his Opus Maximus.

DKCDragon Knight Chronicles, or DKC, was founded in May of 2013 by Kathryn Jenkins. Kathryn started with a blog which hosted a short story writing competition, but what began as a site to help self-published authors break into print started growing into something more as new authors signed on.

While the main goal of DKC has and always will be to help new indie authors get their work published, we are also helping authors promote their work through a subsidiary called Dragon Knight’s Book Promotions. Here we help authors plan and host blog tours and get the word out about their new releases, cover reveals and a variety of other promotional options they may be following.

“At DKC, we believe that every author is capable of being great… for some it just might be how they are going about promoting themselves.” ~ K. Jenkins

Dragon Knight Chronicles

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Stories of fantasy ranging from dark, to light and inspiring, bring life to this anthology. The creatures featured throughout, both good and evil, display the devastating or wonderful personalities they were given by the authors who created them for your enjoyment.

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