Promoting to Readers who Actually Read Your Genre

Publicity Tip #89 ~

The promotional opportunities with the website ReadingDeals are extremely affordable and highly targeted to your readership – really.

There are 3 ways ReadingDeals works to help you on your marketing and publicity campaign:

drinksmachine via Flickr Creative Commons

drinksmachine via Flickr Creative Commons

1) FREE! You can submit your book for consideration to their DailyDeals email newsletter that sends a list of free and bargain eBooks to genre-specific reader members. A ‘bargain’ means that you book needs to be on sale for 33% off or more. However, there is no guarantee your book will be included in their newsletter with this option. They have limited space for “unpaid author promotions” and are very selective about how a book looks and reads [check out their guidelines HERE].

2) PAY – For only $10 you will have a “guaranteed” spot in one of their DailyDeals newsletters, as long as your book fits their guidelines – which are very reasonable). The above still applies regarding your book needing to be free or discounted before you can submit a request/payment. If your book is rejected for some reason you WILL get a refund. They are not out to scam you out of your hard-earned money 😉

3) BOOK REVIEWS! For the low, low cost of $20.00 you can buy access to ReadingDeals list of subscribers in your genre – yes, YOUR GENRE – not some random person who is reading your book to make a buck or two. $20 will get you a guarantee of 10 reviews (meaning ReadingDeals with reach out to their readership on your behalf and the first 10 responders who promise to give an honest review in exchange for a free book will win the opportunity to be your reviewer). Please note: You are not paying for reviews (something that is never good) – you are paying for primo access to their readership. No money passes to the reviewers. Click HERE to learn more 🙂 If you’re interested in ordering more than one package at a time please reach out to the managers of the website to make sure that they can guarantee the number of reviews for the number of packages you’d like.

If you’re working on a tight budget or are looking for a reasonable way to expand your current marketing strategy be sure to check out ReadingDeals!

Good Luck!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, M.J. It sounds like an excellent resource 😀


  2. Thanks for this helpful post! Going to look into this as part of my marketing strategy.


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