A New Book/Author Publicity Outlet with Promise

Publicity Tip #90 ~

Book Reviews were created on the premise that well-read and well-respected readers would give their open and honest opinion about new and upcoming books (in a variety of genres). Paul at Sneak Peak shares his view about how this method, while widely accepted, has become an everyman’s platform of sharing opinions readers may or may not agree with.

Enter the new book publicity site Sneak Peak – here the premise is to catalog excerpts of books (including all the relevant details: cover, blurb, buy link, etc.) and allow readers the opportunity to judge your work for themselves… just as they would if they walked into an actual brick and mortar book store, picked up your book and thumbed through the pages to get a sense of your writing style.

Paul is also starting to offer Author Highlights where interested readers can learn even more about authors. Writers need only query Paul and request an interview for this page.

Now, because this is a freshly squawking new baby it has a little bit of growing up to do. However, it has tremendous promise with nearly 1,500 followers already, and if you get in on the “nurturing” stage early you will get more face-time with the growing readership. I have no doubt in my mind that Paul will begin to develop and expand the site into streamlined genre tabs and all that fancy “teenage” stuff, but for now I would simply say that this is a great first-steps platform that would be well-worth the effort to support – and it’s 100% FREE 😉

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    Sneak Peak


  2. Sneak Peak is a great site and I am grateful to Paul for featuring information about my book Dalliance. Kevin


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    This is interesting 😀


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